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For every painting lover, Van Gogh is a name. Other than his quite life that many people see as tragic and the relatively proven issues that he is one of those bipolar, Gogh is known for his paintings that always include emotions in it. Even those who lives far from art path know who he was and could get amazed seeing his paintings. No matter what schools someone follows in art, paintings within his works are always a masterpiece. Some of his paintings are The Starry Night over the Rhone, The Night Café and The Starry Night.

Other than Gogh, there are other painting artists who have left legacies in the wide world of art; one of those is Paul Cezanne. If Gogh’ paintings are famous for its shown emotions, Cezanne paintings are known for its vigour sense. Some of his paintings are The Large Bathers, Mont Sainte-Victoire and The Card Players. Check also Edgar Degas, he is one of painting artist that should be considered brilliant as shown on his painting masterpiece. Some of those are The Luncheon on the Grass, Olympia, and A Bar at Folies-Bergere. His work arts are considered as the first legacy from modern paintings era.

Not everyone enjoy that luck for having one of his paintings. Not everyone also enjoy that luck been invited to those exclusive auctions of his masterpiece works. But, now everyone can thank the technologies. It is to believe that any art masterpiece are the rights of everyone to enjoy or even having. Trough live online auctions, competition for owning such remains, but now it becomes more accessible for everyone who interest to. Now, the chance to bid in such masterpiece works is open for everyone through the online bidding system. This is what every art lovers have been waiting for.

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