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There are several things that you must give to children who have special needs. As parents, you should have the best way to give them full spirit. You should become a wise parent. You must control your emotional in order to prevent you speak out from the harsh and rude words. Make them believe if their condition does not become the last of their lifespan. Give them some spirit word which can make them struggle their self in daily. As good parent, you should accompany your children to make them look happy every time. They will think that they have the best parent in this world.

In fact, parenting children with special needs will need extra full of effort to keep their children from everything. They cannot leave alone. They always need your help. You should help them wherever the time.  As parents, you can follow this way. Tell to children that you are not alone. There are lots of children who have this kind of illness. Then, say to them if no one is perfect in this world, and every people always have weakness. You must make every day is cheerful and happy with you children. Do not let them disappointed with their disabilities.

Another medical ways, you can go to the therapist. If your children need special treatment, it is better for you to visit the therapist. They will help you to decrease the problem of your children. Therapists are expert, professional, experienced, honest, and responsible. They will ask you children with kinds of therapy way, like playing, doing sports, talking, discussing, and many interesting ways which have fun and make them enjoy with the therapy.

Thus, if you have disability children, it is better for you to decrease the time of your work and business. Make half of your time for them. Fill the spare time by watching movie, going somewhere, playing toys, picnic, have some joking and many more. Do not forget to accompany them every time because of they are more important than your business.

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