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Initially, beet comes from Mesopotamia, and then it is developed in Asia and Europe. You can take advantage of its root or tuber. It is round like the potato in red or dark purple color. In addition, beet leaves can be processed as the particular dishes. Beet has carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In the body, these substances are converted into energy that will help the blood to carry the oxygen to the brain. The red color on the root beet consist of betasantin and betasianin pigments. Since it has a low calorie, beet juice will not increase your weight. To get the complete nutrition, you can drink it that is mixed with other fruits or vegetable.

Many people assume that the beet juice is the best juice for health as it contains a complete nutritional value including magnesium, natural sugar, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, chlorine, iron, iodine, sodium, vitamins B1, B2 and C. Furthermore, this is known as the root that able to balance the levels of alkaline and acid, thus it maintains the balance of your body. For you who have problems with liver function, beet can be a natural cleanser for the kidney and gall bladder. Besides addressing the problem of kidney stones, the vitamins and minerals in beet can fight the infection and inflammation.

According to the Sunflower Press, beet juice is herbal medicine to treat cancer, especially if it is combined with other vegetables that contain anti-oxidants like spinach and celery. Meanwhile, for those who love sports and outdoor activities, drinking beet juice every day is proven to increase stamina. Besides, it is also effective to strengthen your blood circulation system. The smooth blood circulation will boost immunity and reduce the risk of anemia. Therefore, do not be surprised if there are many people who relate the red beet to the human blood.

The high Zinc content will overcome anemia and it regenerate red blood cells to supply the oxygen to the brain. In addition, the other benefit of beet is to help the digestive problems include the severe symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, pain and dysentery. It will be more effective when it is mixed with carrot juice and lemon. If you add a tablespoon of honey in the morning on beet juice before breakfast, this will help to reduce the problem of constipation. Moreover, beet leaves are also useful to combat the fever. You simply consume beetroot juice once a day.

Besides providing the nutrients for health, beet can also cope with dandruff. You just boil the beet juice, and then mix it with the apple cider vinegar. After getting the herb of beet and apple cider vinegar, rub it all over your scalp, and then wrap your head with a towel. Let it seep into the scalp overnight. When you wake up in the morning, wash and rinse your hair with shampoo. Still related to the hair care, you also can use it as the natural hair coloring. Use a mixture of beetroot juice and henna to produce the black and natural burgundy gradation.

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